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Local Proactive Management

Proactive Management Supervision
Achates’ Field Supervisors are dedicated patrol managers, assigned to inspect and audit each client site—at no additional cost to the client. Our Field Supervisors are not assigned to commercial patrol duty, dedicating their time solely to the supervision of officers in the field instead of rushing between client sites doing property inspections. Our local teams of Field Supervisors are able to relieve officers, stand in for duty and make field command decisions without the obligation of ignoring another client as many other companies so often do.

Our Operations Managers are local professionals who oversee our teams of Field Supervisors. These professionals maintain daily, informative contact with clients, overseeing operations and contributing knowledge from monthly management meetings at Headquarters. These professionals work collaboratively with client security management to ensure day-to-day operational excellence in duties, procedures, and efficiency. Achates’ innovative management techniques prove our investment in long-term client relationships. Seamless Integration Through Local Management

Upgrading to Achates services is a smooth and efficient transition process. Our goal is to cement a strong relationship between our two organizations from the very beginning. Prior to every start-up, Achates dedicates significant resources to transition planning. After understanding a client’s needs and expectations, our managers prepare a Post Command document that details all security officers’ responsibilities, contact information, check down lists and pertinent site information. This customized document becomes a living guidebook, undergoing constant reviews and updates, with a general revision as required every six months.