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Guard Tour System

Achates utilizes several brands of electronic Guard Tour systems to track our officer’s specific movement on client sites as defined by the system. The system generates reports that we provide to the client on a weekly, monthly or semi-annual basis as defined by the client’s desires.

The Proxiguard security guard tour system logs and reports the movement of each security guard as he or she makes rounds from one assigned guard tour station to the next. Each guard tour station is equipped with a RFID (radio Frequency Identification) tag that is attached to a wireless transmitter. All other information such as the security guard’s name, and any incident report such as “door unlocked” or “hazardous waste found” is logged by using the security guard’s own hand held ID reader. All entries are date and time stamped. A time schedule for the security guard tour stations may be defined by the user which will create an immediate alarm at the computer if a security guard tour station is not visited in the pre-defined time window.

The Detex ProxiPen is a new generation data acquisition unit for reading radio frequency (RFID) tags and other transponders automatically without any operating elements on the reader. It is compact, lightweight and easy to handle. The electronics of the ProxiPen are potted in a shock resistant plastic housing, making the reader completely waterproof and resistant against heat, shocks and hydrocarbons.

Both systems are utilized and work on the same general principles.