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Comprehensive documentation
Our security officers and supervisors must keep detailed DAL (Daily Activity Log) and IR (Incident Report) records that are submitted daily, all modified to the requirements and demands of each client.

These reports are the link between management and officers in the field, giving our Supervisors a detailed outlook on every situation that arises during the officers’ tour of duty.

VEL (Vehicle Enforcement Log) and VRL (Vehicle Removal Log) reports are used in conjunction with parking enforcement techniques, recording all pertinent vehicle information for future litigation.

In addition, Achates managers can provide our clients with detailed annual site assessments, monthly risk analysis, and officer training and development records.

We train our officers in report writing and pre-trial preparation for testimonials and depositions. We instill an attitude and confidence in our officers that leads them to consider each report as a potential document to be used as evidence in court. This commitment to detail and factual, real time reporting, has helped our officers successfully testify in court when faced with the prosecution of criminal violations.