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Residential Protection Services

Achates Residential Protection Services provides crime deterrence and prevention to your family, home, neighborhood and community through highly visible presence 365 days a year.

We live in uncertain times, with the threat of burglary, assault and domestic terrorism splashed across our news feeds every day. With local, state and federal police agencies understaffed and often overwhelmed with documenting violent crimes, law enforcement has transitioned from crime prevention to crisis response. Law enforcement resources are dedicated to fighting crime, leaving neighborhood watch and home owner associations responsible for prevention.

Private security is designed to act as a deterrent for criminal activity, making the location a less palatable target through direct visual presence. Achates is able to give more personal attention and assistance to individual residents by acting on behalf of and in the best interest of their clients.

Achates works closely with local law enforcement agencies to better serve the community needs and help prevent crimes from occurring in the first place. Our patrol officers observe and report suspicious persons, activity and incidents in the area, conducting traditional crime prevention techniques in accordance with state and local laws.

In the case of a criminal incidents, officers notify both local law enforcement and the resident. Our staff are equipped with video capabilities to capture, document and store evidence of crimes.