I would like to express my gratitude for the great relationship we have with your company. I cannot begin to express my absolute respect of and appreciation for the job Officer Williams does. I’m sure you are already well aware of how amazing he is, but I’d like to express just how glad I am that he works here and how much I value the work he does. Too often other security firms that we have used previously had a tendency to not handle us as well as they would do so for their more lucrative accounts. Almost three years later we still enjoy the same high level of service from Achates Security. Thank you for being an excellent example of what honesty, integrity, and having a great staff can accomplish.

April T. – Safety Manager

When we contracted with Achates Security, Jeff made sure to keep in touch with us to make sure that his crew was doing the work we wanted. Jeff also trained their employees to perform the particular duties at our institution. Achates is a company with employees who care about the jobs that they do, and with leadership who is always looking to make things better. In fact, the sense of safety among our students rose significantly after Achates started working for us. The last 6 years have been wonderful. Thank you Jeff and all your employees.

Joseph B – Vocational School Administrator

We have used six private security companies at our plant in Monterey County over the last seventeen years. Two of them were large international companies. Three of them were large, local companies. But Achates Security has been our only choice for the last eleven years. Thank you Jeff and Mary for always being there to answer the call, provide us outstanding service and demand the most of your guards. Right from the start, you and your employees have strived to provide excellent service. Whenever I have had a concern, you have been very responsive in not only handling it but also following up. You have been the most professional and highest trained company we have ever utilized. I am very happy with the performance of Achates Security and will gladly recommend their service to anyone.

Paul W. – Operations Manager