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Video Monitoring

ACHATES Video Monitoring & Integration provides comprehensive intrusion, fire and life safety system monitoring and analysis services.

ACHATES provides round-the-clock monitoring, including panic buttons, intrusion, fire and alarm systems. Our Central Monitoring Center delivers first-class network connectivity 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offers a wide range of video monitoring and operations services.
Our capabilities include:


Using the synergy of video monitoring and physical security integration to build a complete security solution, we look at the strengths of the technology in combination with the human response force to create a dynamic and powerful synergy.

Achates will work with your onsite security staff to understand the unique security profile of your facility and address all safety concerns. We consider many details and matters of importance, such as employee safety, areas with breach or theft weaknesses, authorized and unauthorized movement, and the type of intelligence the camera should provide or support.

Whether Achates provides a security officer on site to provide immediate response, or protects your facility through remote monitoring, we use the latest technology to properly equip responders. Onsite Achates officers are provided smartphones with proprietary software which sends immediate alerts and video footage of any activity which sets off an alarm. This allows security response teams to have all the video intelligence of console data while still responding in real time. Remote officers will be alerted to suspicious behavior through a highly sophisticated monitoring station, and have instant ability to alert and dispatch responding forces while communicating with perpetrators through speakers to deter the behavior.