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Investigative Services

This division of Achates Security specializes in corporate and industrial investigative activities, both undercover and overtly to solve such business crimes as theft, embezzlement, sabotage and substance abuse.

Undercover Agents
We provide professional investigators to work as employees of the client company and establish themselves with company personnel. Once established, our agents can develop inside information about such internal problems as theft, drug trafficking, and lack of productivity.

Loss Prevention/Secret Shopper Agents
Our agents can perform plain clothes surveillance of your inventory, warehouse or storefront, as well as customer service audits of your employees.

External Surveillance
Achates can provide evidence of a given individual’s activity for the purpose of challenging questionable claims. External surveillance investigations can identify fraudulent claims for workers’ compensation or disability, among others.

Personnel Screening
Our team of investigators can provide you with thorough and intensive background screening of prospective employees. Through interviews with former employers and review of records, we evaluate aspects of your prospective employee’s ability, character, credit, education, employment history, and criminal records where available. Achates investigators can also perform in-depth background investigations.