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Selection Process

Security officers hold sensitive positions of trust and responsibility. Achates has developed a stringent employment process, ensuring that the company screens out any applicants who could be questionable in any way. As a result of this process, we select only individuals of the highest caliber and commitment to excellence.

A rigorous, multi-step application processĀ 
All Achates Security Agency employees undergo the following:

A detailed application process whereby Achates Managers review employment, military, and education histories and residential history for the past 10 years.

We conduct background and police record checks, including contact with neighbors and other character references.

Achates uses government-approved laboratories to administer an extensive 10-panel drug test (plus testing for Ecstasy) and all employees consent to random testing after employment.

This screening process results in honest, capable, and loyal employees. Because of our vigilant standards, you can know that the officers we place at your facility are dependable, reliable, and appropriate for your specific business environment.