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Achates helps healthcare institutions provide continuous, quality services in a safe and secure environment. We can work collaboratively with your staff as a long-term partner, helping to provide security for your institution. We have a specialized expertise in healthcare and decades of experience in the security industry.

We are dedicated to the healthcare industry and have invested significant time and resources to provide security professionals who understand the specialized needs of your healthcare facilities.

Integrated Security Operations
Our officers perform a wide variety of duties, including facility patrols, monitoring of security operations centers, response to and investigation of incidents, and visitor assistance. We also can help identify and appropriately protect sensitive areas of your facility, such as infant and pediatric units, pharmacies, communication centers, psychiatric areas, emergency departments, detox units, financial offices, parking facilities and power plants.

This preparation can begin anywhere between 30 to 90 days before start-up, with detailed activities occurring in four phases:

  1. Transition planning
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Initiation of classroom learning and development
  4. Operational implementation

We invite you to glimpse a few of the areas in which we consistently demonstrate our leadership. Violent crimes at worksites continue to endanger lives, increase liability, and threaten profitability.